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At Istep Information Technologies, we believe when creativity, technology and marketing combine through strategic planning incredible results are achievable. With the best interest of our clients in mind, our actions are always focused on conversions and business growth.

Our Focus.


istep info tech ideasOur ideas are simple, we show how simple ideas can change big difference


istep info tech creativityWe explore creativity can be cultivated with the help of others.


istep info tech innovationwe turn our simple ideas into marketable form.


istep information technology prcessWe follow istep process to give best solutions.


istep information technology strategyOur strategy is the outcome of a process to capitalize the opportunity.


istep information technology marketingWe update our marketing technique based on current trends.


istep information technology designwe sit and gather idea to design prototype before development.


istep information technology DevelopmentWe use latest technology to development solutions.


istep information technology deploymentWe reduce time and energy to deploy software.


istep information technology monitoringwe keep track on performance after deployment.


istep information technology supportwe have dedicated support team to give any time support after deployment.


istep information technology maintenanceWe provide one year free maintenance, after that we have model for AMC.


istep information technology serviceOur services includes CBW, e-commecrce, SEO & SEM, Mobile app, & BPO services.


istep information technology prodcuctWe engage our-self to develop better product.


istep information technology solutionsWe identify problem, situation to produce good software solutions.


istep information technology businessWe engage with customer and we give importance to grow customer business in right way.


istep information technology motivationWe always look for solutions and we fail in at-least once a day to produce productive output.


istep information technology thoughtsWe believe our high power thoughts can get connect every day to achieve our goal.

Our services.

Through open source technology and process excellence, our service enables business to leverage in global market. Our domain expertise ensures to achieve the quality and services to make organization stronger. Services includes!.

Customer Business Website Services

istep information technology webdesignCBW services ensures local customer to showcase business globally. It helps customer to become stronger, more competitive and capable of managing business in better way. This services increase better relationship between customer and business.

Enterprise Application Services

istep information technology webdevelopmentEnterprise Application Services enables customers create successful and adaptive businesses through a robust business architecture, process transformation and innovation. Our EAS solution includes ERP, BI and CMS. We help local customer with global solution to maximize and extend business and to enhance productivity

Mobile Services

istep information technology mobile servicesTrend getting change day to day, customer started to consume mobile technology in great way. So we have updated our services on mobile services which have best solution on gen next customer. Mobile device can change their lives or enable them to do business better is rapidly evolving, even as vendors and service providers continuously innovate to fuel this mobile culture. Our mobile services enhance efficiency, enrol customer and engage business in best way.

SEO Services

istep information technology seo servicesOur SEO solution optim’s mission is to provide result-oriented Search Engine Optimization Service which is affordable to all the online businesses right from basic HTML static web pages to complex E-commerce or content portals. Title Tag Optimization ,Link Building , Keyword Analyze and Competition, On/Off Page Optimisation, Robots.txt Optimization, Working on HTML source code, Image and Hyperlink Optimization, Header Tag Optimization, Google, Yahoo, and MSN Sitemap creation/submission, Google, Yahoo, and MSN Webmaster Account submission, Google Analytics Setup

E-commerce Services

istep information technology ecommerceOur e-commerce services enrich the product in online store for different industrial zone. We make use of latest technology to provide different features to make online business healthy . Open source E-commerce Integration, E-commerce with CMS, Payment Gateway Integration, Secure online transaction or shopping cart solutions, Credit Card or CC integration, Online inventory management and much more…

Product & Solutions.

Our products are focused on creativity and innovation to have high end performance for enterprises. We use open source technology to develop products which leverage guaranteed business outcomes. We bring you a wide array of eco-friendly products that help you choose what’s best for your day-to-day operations as well as the world around you!

  • istep humar resorce software

    Human Resource Mgmt

    istep HRMS solution is a comprehensive HR Management solutions can meet your organization's human resources and payroll needs and realize the potential of your most valuable assets—your employees.

  • istep logistics software

    Logistics mgmt software

    istep LMS solution is a customized solution for companies of all sizes within the Logistic & Transportation Industry. Our software connects the entire path from product receipt to final delivery.

  • istep freight software

    Freight Management Software

    istep FMS solutions include Freight Forwarding Software, Purchase Order Management, Real-Time Online Cargo Tracking, Inventory Control Software, Third-Party Logistics System , Trucking Software with Cross-Dock and Dispatch, and Integrated Accounting Software

  • istep freight software

    Cargo management software

    istep CMS solutions allows you to effectively manage and control the flow of cargo as it enters the warehouse. It transforms a typical warehouse operation into a totally connected logistics and fulfillment business.

  • istep cargo software

    Warehouse mgnt software

    istep WMS solution has Fulfillment about goods. When the warehouse management system is humming along, you can pick, pack and ship a massive volume of orders. The boxes seem to march to the beat. Workers know where products are and where they need to go.

  • istep warehouse software

    Vessel management software

    istep VMS solutions monitoring for your vessel's situation, exact prediction, quick decision, advanced preventive actions and systematic management for support to check the present condition of the ship,maintenance, safety, quality, crew and training.

  • istep vessel software

    Voyage management software

    istep VMS solutions consists of such core functions as Voyage schedule, VMS (vessel monitoring system), Voyage report (noon / arrival / departure), Automatic abstract log function, Analysis of operation performance, ROB, Voyage hour and Port information.

  • istep voyage software

    Shipping management software

    istep SMS solutions designed to meet all Quality, Health, Safety and Environment element of a ship management or a ship ownership company to enhance safety and reduce risk in shore to ship or ship to shore operations.

  • istep shipping software

    School management software

    istep SMS solutions support large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business, Easy to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.

  • istep school software

    College management software

    istep SMS solutions support large database system which can be used for managing your school's day to day business, Easy to manage students, teachers, employees, courses and all the system and process related to running your institute efficiently.

  •  istep college software

    Hospital management software

    istep CMS is user friendly system manages and solves the most complex tasks in educational administration. It fulfills all the entire administrative and academic requirements.

  • istep hospital software

    Microfunding mgmt software

    istep MFMS solutions is customized software for local micro fund raise people. It is the solution for Daily,Weekly Finance and Micro Finance. It has been specially designed to cater to the technological needs of Daily ,Weekly and Monthly Collection Finance services.

  •  istep microfunding software

    Accounting mgmt software

    istep AMS solution is a complete financial including Accounts payable, receivable, General Ledger, Multi currency, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash & Funds Flow, Trend Analysis reporting, Auto Bank Reconciliation, PDCs, all statutory compliance like VAT, TDS & statutory forms, Cost centers, Budgeting etc.

  •  istep accounting software

    Hotel management software

    istep HMS solutions that are technologically current and functionally powerful. Spanning customer care, front office operations, back office management, management reporting and integration with 3rd party systems

  •  istep hotel management software

    Restaurant mgmt software

    istep RMS solutions offers a total POS restaurant software solution that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of food service establishment, from fine dining and table service restaurants to quick service.

About us.

We are istepians from Chennai, India. We are small group of software professional`s, we care what we do, design, develop, deploy and support for web, desktop and mobile.

Today Computers and software are making a huge difference in how business is done. It not only saves time and lots of resources, but can be used to perform traditional tasks faster and more efficiently. For those in the business world, our software programs are revolutionizing the way the exchanges are made, as well as how business people interact with each other and various markets. Our software programs are designed to provide a multitude of functions and can often be customized to meet the needs of the individual, company, or organization.

We view clients as partners, and our success is only measured by the success of our partners. So we put it all on the table in order to exceed expectations. We know each new project is a gamble, but there is no one we’d rather bet on than ourselves.

At istep information technologies, our culture matters. Our staff's are young, energetic and innovative, and we are never afraid to take risks in an effort to help our clients. Every member of our team put more effort to achieve quality of the software.

We always organize team from kick off meeting to deployment of software, We make sure our requirement collection from customer that fulfill the gap of their business. Being an developing company, this year is our 3rd year in IT business, We are happy to extend our business to next level, We always stay positive and keep focus to achieve our goal and once our goal reached, we step up to achieve next goal.


Timely attending work. Soft in conversation, good experiences and doing well on an project.  

— Sri Kumaran Anugragha


If you're thinking about using istep, I highly recommend it. Their quotes are very reasonable. Their response time and customer service is excellent. I've used them on several projects and I'm very pleased. I will use them again.

— KJN Enterprises


Thank you! You guys did an excellent JOB and will be the first person I come to when I need additional work in the future. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

— ibex energy

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